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Ever wonder why some movements last while others fade? It seems like everyone is starting something new these days, but there‚Äôs a difference between starting and sustaining. Movement Making is a companion for movers, shakers, and makers who long to build something that outlives and outshines the current fads.



Founder, Executive Producer

CJ was never allowed to play with coloring books as a child, but instead was given all the blank paper he wanted to create whatever worlds he imagined.  He has since channeled that imagination toward studying movements, the phenomenon that happens when imagination catches fire. In observing how they start, grow, and influence culture, he's discovered that all movements share one thing in common: a meaningful and memorable message. CJ helps leaders craft these kinds of messages so others respond to their vision. His approach has been described as equally futuristic and sensible with a relentless determination to move results forward. Companies often bring him in for a 2-day process called Movement Message. Some movements CJ has worked with are TOMS, The Salvation Army, Catalyst, The UN Foundation, People of the Second Chance, and The RED Campaign. Additionally, CJ speaks and writes on movement making and has been featured in publications like CBS Money Watch, MTV, VH1 and RELEVANT.