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Leadership Development for Difference Makers.

Sounds Like A Movement provides a weekly podcast, workshop, and online tools that help people take courageous steps toward the world they imagine. 

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About CJ

brand & leadership development for movement makers


For over a decade, I've been coaching and consulting individuals, companies, and organizations on creative strategy, leadership development, branding, growth, and social responsibility.

Leadership teams usually start by bringing me in for a 1-Day intensive called Move Camp where they map out a clear and effective communication plan, develop better language, and get super clear on next steps. I also speak and write on movement making: why some ideas make a difference and others don't. 

Want to turn your ideas into a movement? I can help. 



Uncage the Movement within Your Organization

with the move camp workshop 

“CJ helped us cut through the noise in our own heads and get to the heart of what we were saying and who we are. We’re a more focused, effective organization because of him."

Jeremy Courtney, Founder, Preemptive Love Coalition

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Branding is for Cows. Belonging is for People. 

Break Free from the Herd & Make Stuff that Matters.